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The Bhagavad Gita and Children

In the previous issue, we shared a poem written by a student of the Eklavya School, a small but very forward thinking and progressive school in Ahmedabad, India. Students were given an assignment to write poetry based on the Bhagavad Gita.


* Poem printed with permission.

Discovery of Myself through Shrimad Bhagavad Gita By Parul Bhasoriya

Out of the blue you entered my life
And stole my peace and happiness.
You made my life miserable
All difficult words with all undigestable realities.
‘Swadharma’, ‘Desirelessness’, ‘Bhakti’, and what not
I shouted “Shanti Ho…. !”
But I’m sure that was you only:
Who turned me believe in your power,
Who knocked the door of my heart,
And introduced myself to me
And I felt that
Oh! I discovered myself!

You got me real happiness of my life:
Making me aware of my ‘Swadharma.’
You made me realize nobody can rule over me,
If I can control all my ‘Indriyas’
You made me abandon the pain of ‘attachment’,
You inspired me to keep on doing
Good for others without any ‘fear’.
You have shown me that
Life stands on ‘Satvaguna’ only
And I felt that
Oh! I discovered myself!
You made me put heart and mind,
Together in all my actions.
You made me understand that,
‘natural action’ brings natural
‘renunciation of fruit.’
If only you could realize,
The way you’ve shown me that
It’s better to give than to take,
I’m willing to give you all my actions
And expect nothing in return
And I felt that
Oh! I discovered myself!

You made me feel that,
The soul is the power only and not the body.
You have shown me that I can fly:
With the wings of my ‘desireless Karma’
You set me free from the ‘fear of death’
You set a platform of love, knowledge and Bhakti for me
On which I would like to stand to get ‘completeness’
Now I can see the beauty in everything:
I can feel your existence in all your creation, My Lord!
I understood that nothing is mine
Except ‘My Dharma’ in this world
And I felt that
Oh! I discovered myself!